EnSpace is an interior design solution hub providing high-quality, durable, indigenous furniture made in Africa. It is an SME business in its introductory stage aiming to build local market shares. It is an interior design and furniture-making start-up owned and chaired by Mrs. Akinyemi.

It started on July, 2021, though the business delivers across Nigeria, it is fully operational on-site and its current address remains the location where designs are ideated and brought to life. It has a workshop and a showroom for clients who are willing to walk in for enquiries, inspection, shopping and ultimately patronise onsite. Alternatively, clients can perform all their transactions online via our social media handles.


EnSpace is an affordable interior design solution hub committed to providing high-quality, durable indigenous furniture made in Africa, for Africans and everyone who desires exquisite decor.

We aim to be the leading provider of sustainable bespoke designs in Africa, creating rewardable and satisfactory experiences for our customers through
unmatched value. We exist to redefine your space, create beautiful interiors that inspire our clients, evoke strong memories and nostalgia and bring emotions to life.


To achieve our vision above, being customer-first is the core of our business operation and culture.

  • We inculcate a 21st-century design thinking process in meeting our customers’ interior needs and helping them experience the best service
  • We embrace sustainable, eco-friendly materials to create our amazing designs and furniture.
  • We create masterpieces and incorporate unique features rooted in African made’ that give us a competitive advantage.